How to Get a Job As a Kid?

There are many ways for kids to get jobs. The most common way is to find a job through family or friends. Another way is to look online for job postings. Finally, you can go to your local Chamber of Commerce and inquire about summer jobs or part-time positions.

  • Start by asking your parents if they know of any businesses or organizations that are hiring kids for part-time work.
  • If your parents don’t know of any businesses hiring, start searching online or in the newspaper for job postings.
  • Once you’ve found a few potential jobs, begin filling out applications and submitting them to the businesses.
  • If you’re called in for an interview, be sure to dress professionally and arrive on time.
  • During the interview, be honest about your skills and abilities and try to sell yourself as the best candidate for the job.
  • After the interview, follow up with a thank-you note or email expressing your interest in the position once again.

What is the Best Job for a Kid?

There is no one “best” job for a kid, as each child’s individual skills, interests, and personality will dictate what type of job would be best for them. However, there are some general tips that can help parents choose an appropriate job for their child. When looking for a job for your kid, it is important to consider their age and maturity level.

For younger children, jobs that are shorter in duration and have clear rules and expectations are typically best. As children get older and more mature, they may be able to handle longer shifts and more complex tasks. It is also important to think about the child’s strengths and weaknesses when choosing a job.

If your child is shy or doesn’t like being around large groups of people, then a customer-facing position might not be the best fit. Alternatively, if your child is outgoing and loves working with people, then a job in customer service could be perfect. Finally, you should also consider your child’s interests when selecting a job.

If they love animals, then working at a pet store or animal shelter could be a great option. Or if they enjoy being outdoors, then a landscaping or gardening gig might be ideal. Ultimately, the best way to choose a job for your kid is to sit down with them and discuss all of the different options available.

By taking into account their age, maturity level, strengths/weaknesses, and interests, you should be able to find the perfect role for them.

How Do I Make My Kid Get a Job?

It cannot be easy to encourage your child to get a job, especially if they are used to being given everything they want. However, there are several benefits to having your child get a job, such as developing a strong work ethic, gaining independence, and earning their own money. Here are a few tips on how to make your kid get a job:

  • Talk about the benefits of working. Explain to your child that getting a job will teach them responsibility and help them become more independent. Emphasize that they will be able to earn their own money and buy things they want or need.
  • Help them find a suitable job. Once you’ve talked about the benefits of working, start looking for jobs that would be appropriate for your child. Consider their age, interests, and skills when searching for open positions. You can look online or in newspapers/ flyers in businesses around town.
  • Assist with the application process. Once you’ve found a few potential jobs, help your child fill out any necessary applications. If they need assistance writing a resume or cover letter, offer to help with those as well.
  • Practice interview questions. Before their interview, sit down with your child and practice answering common interview questions. This will help them feel more prepared and confident going into the meeting .
  • Be supportive. Even if your child doesn’t land the first job they apply for; it’s important to remain supportive throughout the entire process. Help them keep trying until they find something that is right for them.

Can a 12-Year-Old Be Hired?

There is no federal law in the United States that sets a minimum age for employment, which means that 12-year-olds can legally be hired by businesses. Some states, however, do have child labor laws that set a minimum age for certain types of jobs. For example, in California, the minimum age for most non-agricultural jobs is 14 years old.

While there are no restrictions on what type of job a 12-year-old can hold, many employers prefer to hire older workers due to their maturity levels and responsibility. In addition, some jobs may require workers to be a certain age due to safety concerns. For instance, most amusement parks will not hire anyone under the age of 16 to operate rides.

If you’re a 12-year-old looking for work, your best bet is to start with smaller businesses in your community or look for opportunities where you can work with another adult supervision. Once you have some experience under your belt, you’ll likely find it easier to land bigger and better gigs.

How Can an 8-Year-Old Kid Make Money?

There are a few ways an 8-year-old can make money. One option is to provide a service such as a yard work, dog walking, or leaf raking. Another option is to sell handmade crafts or goods. Finally, some 8-year-olds may be able to find part-time work with a local business.

How to Get a Job As a Kid

Kid Jobs for 11-Year-Olds

There are plenty of great jobs for 11-year-olds. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Babysitting – This is a great option for responsible 11-year-olds who love spending time with kids. Be sure to brush up on your CPR and first aid skills before getting started.
  • Dog walking – Do you love spending time outdoors? If so, dog walking could be the perfect job for you. Just be sure to do your research on local leash laws before getting started.
  • Lawn care – From mowing lawns to trimming hedges, there are plenty of ways to get involved in lawn care. This is a great way to make some extra money during the summer months.
  • Tutoring – Are you good at math or reading? Many parents are willing to pay good money for tutors who can help their kids excel in school. This is a great option for smart, hardworking 11-year-olds.
  • Selling goods door-to-door – Have some homemade arts and crafts that you’re looking to sell? Or maybe you have a knack for finding bargains at garage sales that you think others would be interested in? Going door-to-door is a great way to sell goods and make some extra cash.


It can be tough to find a job as a kid, but there are some things you can do to increase your chances of landing the perfect gig. Start by thinking about the kinds of jobs you might be interested in, and then talk to your parents or guardians about their connections.

Next, put together a resume and cover letter tailored to the job you’re applying for. Finally, practice interviewing so you’ll be prepared to ace any interviews you land.