15 Tips for Traveling with a Baby

When you have a baby, it can be hard to travel. You are often limited by their age and tolerance. But with these 15 helpful tips for traveling with a baby, you will feel confident that your trip is going to go smoothly.

  1. Bring a diaper bag that is easily accessible from your stroller.
  2. Keep in mind what you need to bring with you, and consider packing lightly, so it doesn’t take up too much space. You are going to be lugging around the baby, the car seat, and all of their belongings.
  3. Have an extra set of clothes on hand at all times – just in case something happens or if they get spit up on, change them immediately and do not worry about getting anything else done while out and about as this can be very distracting when trying to focus on both children simultaneously.
  4. Do some research before booking any reservations for restaurants or other activities because most establishments will have a children’s menu or will be very accommodating if you let them know ahead of time.
  5. Don’t forget to pack up some snacks for your little ones so they won’t have any tantrums while out and about.
  6. Have a list of emergency phone numbers on hand at all times – this includes family contact, medical contacts (in case something happens), relatives in different locations, etc.
  7. Do not bring too many toys with you as it may overwhelm your little one or make them upset when they end up losing their favorite toy because it was picked up by someone else.
  8. Bring an extra car seat cover just in case there is suddenly inclement weather that pops up unexpectedly. This can save hours upon hours worth of cleaning later on.
  9. Bring an extra outfit for your child in case they happen to have a mishap with their clothes during the trip.
  10. When you are traveling by plane, make sure to bring plenty of snacks that will last longer than two hours and keep them stored away from high temperatures, like inside a cooler bag or insulated lunch box, so they don’t spoil too quickly.
  11. Make sure all items are packed securely as it can be very easy for things to get lost when going through baggage check at airports – this includes car seats, strollers, and even kids’ toys if not placed inside a backpack or some other type of compartmentalized area
  12. Pack light. It is much easier on both yourself and your little one if you do not carry around heavy luggage.
  13. Bring a spare diaper or two, just in case one leak, and it is either too complicated to wash or you won’t be able to find the right type of detergent for them when traveling abroad.
  14. Pack diapers with extra room so they don’t get smashed during travel. You can also bring disposable ones that are biodegradable if need be.
  15. Pack clothes for your child by season as well as outfits according to what activities you will want them involved in (sporting events such as soccer games may require specific types of clothing). Remember, there might not always be dry cleaning services available where you go.