How to Teach Kids How To Read?

Children are often eager to learn how to read at a young age. It can be frustrating for parents when they try teaching their kids, but the child does not seem interested in learning. The reason why young children do not want to learn how to read may be due to the lack of phonetics in their education. That is, they have never learned about letter sounds. Kids can easily learn advanced reading skills without a lot of extra studies if taught the right way from the beginning.

Start with a favorite book

The best way to get kids interested in reading is through a favorite book. Kids will be more comfortable when they are introduced to the difficult process of learning if they have a familiar environment. Show them how much fun it can be by starting with a favorite book and making up your own stories with it along the way.

Play games

The first step to learning how to read is learning the sounds that letters make. Kids can recall those key sounds more easily through repetition and practice. They can be taught how to divide words into syllables as well as remember the different ways that each letter makes a sound. Fun games such as rhyming matching or other word games will help them learn about letter sounds.

Use multisensory instruction

Different types of learning styles can help kids in their unique way to learn how to read. Kids use all of the five senses when they are learning, so it is important to educate them in a variety of ways. The best way for children to acquire knowledge is by using sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. Use all five senses so kids have better memory retention of what they learn.

Teach phonics

Phonics is a great way to teach reading skills because it teaches kids letter sounds as well as how to put them together to form words. Kids can learn about syllables by splitting up long words into smaller, more manageable chunks. Other ways to teach phonics can include using letter blocks, letter tiles, or other manipulatives that help kids visualize the process of turning a message into words and then sentences.

Keep it fun

Kids need to have a positive attitude when they learn how to read at an early age, so they continue to love the skill throughout their lives. Learning should never be a chore for children, but rather an experience that they can look forward to because it is fun and interesting. Kids are more likely to learn through play instead of repetition or other boring repetitions, which helps them remember information better.

Final Words

If kids are learning through play, they will be more eager to learn at an early age. The best way for them to become good readers is by teaching phonics, making up games with words and stories, using multisensory instruction like letter blocks to represent sounds, and keeping it fun, so kids want to learn how to read.